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Review Of The Olala iDisk iOS Expanded Memory For iPhone iPads and Other iOS Devices

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Good: A good thing is the obvious thing that you can add additional memory to your iPhone and iPad. The iDisk has a built-in lightening plug so it can go directly into the iPhone without needing an adapter.

Good: You can record directly to the iDisk so if you are running out of space on your device or you just want to keep the space on your iPhone free then you can record directly to the iDisk.

Good: You can watch movies directly from the device. If you are going on flight and need to save movies to watch offline with the iDisk you can transfer movies from your computer to the iDisk plug it into your iPhone or iPad and watch directly from the device without ever even transferring the movie to your iOS device.

Good: The iDisk transfers data really fast. The iDisk uses USB 3.0 for speedy transfers.

Good: Olala offers a great app for the iDisk that allows for easy and fast transfer to and from the device. If you are with a friend and you want to share movies and photos the iDisk makes it fast and simple to do so.

Bad: I didn’t really find anything worth mentioning on the bad side. The Olala iDisk Mobile Memory expanded storage works exactly as I expected it to. If I nitpick the only thing I would would change is for the plugs to be completely recessed so there is no need for the plastic cap that is included to cover the lightening plug.

Finally, If you are looking for a great way to free up memory from your iPhone or iPad then the Olala iDisk is a great solution. With today’s new iPhones shooting 4K video higher quality images and live photos its more important than ever to have a way to safely move your photos and videos off of your iPhone or iPad so you have enough free space to keep capturing those special moments.
You can learn more or buy the item below.

Kodi Apple TV 7 Day problem Solution (Sort of) Kodi Alternative For The Apple TV

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

If you are tired of reinstalling Kodi on your Apple TV every seven days and want a solution I have one sort of but not really. What I have is a Kodi alternative that will last forever without having to reinstall. The alternative is called Stremio and its a solid and developing source for movies and TV shows. I will show you how it works and how to install it. Below is a link to the app.

How To Get Free TV and Movies From Your Android Device To Your Apple TV

Friday, October 7th, 2016

If you have and Apple TV and an Android device like a Samsung phone or a tablet then you are in luck because I am going to show you how to get all of the TV shows and movies that you want onto your Apple TV absolutely free. This video was made after a viewer made me aware of the need for this info. In this video I am going to use the app Terrarium TV, Mobdro, and UKTVNOW and below you will find links to all three.
Terrarium TV:

Updated How To Get Free Cable Channels On Your Computer Easily and Legally

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

This is an update to my earlier video about how to get free cable channels free and legally on your computer. Some people said they were expected to pay for the service and I wanted make a more detailed video showing that you can get tons of content for free without ever paying for the premium service. This video is a little long but hopefully it will answer your questions if you had any.
Links to the services below. Plex Webtools Page Webtools Direct Zip File Link

Free Legal XXX Adult Content On The Apple TV 4: The Only App With XXX Movies

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Apple does not allow XXX apps on their devices but I found the one app that lets you get XXX adult content onto your Apple TV 4 and the content is 100% free. This is not just an app for adult entertainment you can actually use it as a cable TV subscription replacement because with this app you can get all of your favorite channels like HBO, CNN, even the NFL RedZone.

Evershop Activity Tracker Review

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Good: You don’t have to wear it as a watch. The activity tracker comes with a rubber O-ring that you can put it in and then wear the tracker on your clothes or backpack.

Good: There are both IOS and Android apps for the device. So many of these budget devices only offer an app for one platform or the other and this activity tracker offers an app on both.

Good: The battery life is seems good. I charged this thing three days ago and it hasn’t even dropped a single bar off of the power meter.

Good: Its fairly accurate with the step count. I use my Garmin Forerunner 235 as the gold standard and measure everything else against it and when I went for a walk my Garmin with the GPS measured the distance at 2.49 miles and 4570 steps while the app for the Evershop Activity Tracker running on my iPhone measured the distance at 2.50 miles and the tracker counted 4329 for a shortage of 241 steps or about 5% over those two and half miles. This is not that big of a deal for short distances but if difference hold true over long distances than walking five miles you can see as much as a 10% discrepancy and that can be a real problem. Although I think people running five miles or more at a time might opt for a more advanced activity tracker or running watch.

Good: The screen is very easy to read even in bright daylight. Some trackers are nearly impossible to see in direct sunlight but not the Evershop Activity Tracker you can see it in daylight and in the dark.

Bad: No heart-rate monitor, having shopped on Amazon for activity trackers there are lots of budget brand activity trackers with various feature sets and I have found models with heart-rate monitors for as low as $30 and with the Evershop Activity Tracker currently priced at $32 why not get more for less or the same price.

Bad: The watch band is very awkward to put on and maybe thats because I’m left handed or maybe its the design but I had a really difficult time with it.

All in all the Evershop Activity Tracker is a nice fitness tracker that will count your steps, track your sleep and even remind you to get up and move if you have been sedentary for too long.

Look Out JBL The EasyAcc MC Mini Canon Bluetooth Speaker Is Sounding Pretty Good

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Good: The Mini Canon has really nice controls. One thing that it has is an on/off slider switch instead of one of those push button on/off buttons that you have to hold for a few seconds and hope that it actually turned on your speaker.
Good: This speaker looks nice and is a nice size. The EasyAcc MC is the perfect size to take with you places and fits into the cupholder of your camping chair.
Good: You can use this speaker as a standalone MP3 player. There is a Micro SD slot on the speaker and you can put a memory card in there loaded with music and play those files directly from the card with no need to connect to your phone or any other device.
Good: The EasyAcc MC Mini Canon sounds good. Its not the loudest speaker but it does sound good at the volume it can achieve. At max volume there is not a lot of distortion which is more important than pure loudness. If EasyAcc wanted to make this speaker louder I’m sure they could if they are willing to sacrifice sound quality. I’m personally glad they didn’t decide to go that way.
Bad: The speaker is not very loud. It sounds good for the volume that it has but it needs more volume. Trying to listen to the speaker while in the shower or doing dishes I had trouble hearing the audio over the water. I wish the speaker could provide the both great sound quality and more loudness.
The sample for this review was provided by EasyAcc. Please visit for more info and to order products.

Skip The Powerbeats 2 And Check Out The MPOW Elk BlueTooth Earphones For Runners

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Good: The Mpow Elk earphones fit great. With the secure ear hooks these earphones do not move at all when exercising. I used them both for running and walking and there was no slippage or movement.
Good: These headsets sound surprisingly good. I am amazed how good they are able to make these earphones sound for such a low price.
Good: The Mpow Elk’s are inexpensive. If you want a good sounding Bluetooth headset that won’t cost you $100+ then the Elk’s are for you. At $22.99 they are extremely affordable and well worth their price.
Good: They have controls on the earbud part of the headset instead of the cable. This is important because I have found when the controls are placed on the cable the balance feels lopsided but with the controls on earbud the headset feels well balanced and doesn’t pull to one side or the other.
Bad: The only bad thing about the Mpow Elk headset is that it needs a cinch on the cable to shorten it up and prevent it from sticking to my neck when sweating or getting it caught in my hoodie.
Bottomline the Mpow Elk headset is a really good sounding pair of Bluetooth earphones that work really well as running headphones. With the secure ear hooks the earbuds stay in place even while exercising and they are light enough and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

Sample Provided by MPOW

Archeer A226 Splash-Proof Dust-Proof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Good: The Speaker looks nice. With a two tone Black and Orange it has just enough to offer a bit of style without being bright and obnoxious.
Good: The speaker has a hoop that you can attach the included carabiner and then attach the speaker a backpack or a belt loop.
Good: The speaker is loud and sounds pretty good. You turn the Archeer A226 Bluetooth speak to max volume and have still have decent sound quality.
Good: The A226 is dust and splash-proof. It has a rubber flap that hides and protects the on/off switch, the micro USB charging port and the aux port. You can get the speaker wet but don’t submerge it because its not waterproof.
Bad: After doing the splash-proof test the flashlight on the speaker started acting weird and not staying on or just randomly turning on with even pushing the button. There is also a little red and blue light on top of the speaker that will not turn off.
In summary, I would say this is a solid choice for a budget Bluetooth speaker with decent sound quality respectable battery life and some ruggedness. You can take this speaker out to the beach, camping or a picnic and it will survive dust, dirt and a spilled drink but don’t let the A226 fall in the pool because its not waterproof and most likely will not survive.
The sample for this review was provided by Archeer. Please visit for more info and to order Archeer products.

How To Install Kodi On Your Android Phone Or Tablet: Free Cable TV and Movies

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

I will show you step by step how to get free cable TV, movies, PPV, kids shows, live TV and more all on your Android phone or tablet absolutely free using Kodi.