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Stocking Stuffer Alert: Victsing Waterproof Shower Speaker Review

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Good: The speaker has a removable suction cup so it can used in the shower or stuck on a mirror and then the suction cup can be removed and the included carabiner can be attached turning the speaking into a nice little travel speaker.

Good: It’s waterproof. What more needs to be said about that. Waterproof speakers are pure awesomeness. Now you can’t go deep sea diving with it but you can shower with it or if you are taking a bath and the speaker falls in the water you will be just fine.

Good: This speaker sounds surprisingly good for the size and the fact that it’s only a 5W speaker. There is enough volume that you can hear your music without struggling and while the bass won’t shake the walls there is enough to get its point across.

Bad: The amount of time you have to push the power button for it to turn on and off is too long for me. I pushed it several times thinking it was long enough for the speaker to turn on or off only to have to hold the button in even longer before getting the power on/off message.
To learn more about or purchase the Victsing Shower Speaker visit there Amazon page.
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