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Smart Car Features On Any Car With The Savfy FM Transmitter And MP3 Player

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Good: This little device turns any car into a smart car giving it that Bluetooth handsfree calling your car is lacking.
Good: The SAVFY multifunction wireless car MP3 player gives you dual USB chargers. So now not only can you charge your Smart phone but so can your passenger at the same time.
Good: because this works over Bluetooth you can stream music from any of your music apps available on your phone or straight from your web browser. So if you have Pandora Spotify or Apple Music all of those types of apps will work.
Good: This FM transmitter is also a multifunction wireless car MP3 player that has a 1.44 inch LCD screen so that when you receive phone calls you can see who is calling or you can see what music you’re playing right there on this device.
Bad: When I was testing this I was getting a fair amount of static when using the hands-free feature. I changed the FM station that the device was synced with and that did help however the static never fully went away and it was loud enough that it was a constant annoyance.
I think this is a really great little device despite there being some static when using the hands-free feature this thing is able to turn any car into a bona fide smart car with multiple USB charging ports a microSD card slot an aux port and, hands-free calling this little guy is really packed with features and if you stuck with me all the way through this review then you will now know that I have two of these and I’m going to give one of them away. All you have to do is leave your Twitter handle in the comments section and I will pick a winner and contact you on Twitter.

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Turn Any Car Into A Smart CarWith The iRainy KM30 FM Transmitter

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Good: The KM30 has an adjustable neck that allows you find just the right angle for your comfort.
Good: The KM30 has two USB ports one that can be used to plug in a audio source like a thumb drive and a second one for power so you can keep you device powered up giving your car that USB port it’s missing or an additional one so more that one device can be plugged in at a time in the car.

Good: There is a Micro SD card slot so you can load music onto a Micro SD Card and play music directly from the device.

Good: The Transmitter connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you never have any cords getting tangled up.

Good: You can answer or reject phone calls on the KM30 and then the device will use your car stereo as a Bluetooth hand’s free system.

**Update** There is volume control if you push and hold the function button for three seconds you can access volume control.
Bad: The KM30 doesn’t have any volume controls on the device. If you want to adjust the volume you have to do so using either the car stereo system’s controls or the volume controls on your connected device.

This is a really good little device that will turn any car into a bonafide smart car. It will give you the ability to wirelessly connect your phone to your car. The KM30 can save you thousands on smart car features. You can skip the expensive smart car options get one of these and get some of the best features of a smart car for just a few dollars.
If you want to learn more or buy one you can do it here on Amazon.

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The Beautiful Women of the International Bikini Team Are Back For Another Sexy Bikini Contest

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Pretty faces and hot bodies are trademarks of the International Bikini Team and today I bring you another one of their contest and this time they have 10 of the hottest bikini models on stage strutting their stuff for you to enjoy. If you want to see the show as shot with the orginial music you can follow the link below.
Orginial Show:

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GoLuk T1 Fun Dashcam Review

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Let me just say that I don’t like this dashcam and its my job as a reviewer to provide objective reviews as I see them. This camera might be good for some people but not for me and I don’t recommend it.

Good: The image quality of the video is decent. It only shoots in 1080p but the 1080p it produces is pretty good.

Good: It has an app for both iOS and Android whereas another dashcam that I reviewed only had an Android app at the time I did that review.

Good: It has most of major features one would look for in a dashcam like loop recording and Emergency impact auto backup that will automatically save a video if the camera detects you have been in an accident.

Now on to the bad and unfortunately the bad points are real deal breakers for me.

Bad: There is no suction cup attachment the only way to affix the camera to the car is by using the included the adhesive stickers to stick to your windshield or dashboard. Well I have a brand new VW GTI and I don’t want to place a sticker on my car. Also I live in a nice building with a lot of nice cars and as a consequence we have a lot of break-ins in the garage. One of the things the local police department has asked us to do is remove any dashboard or windshield mounts that would indicate we have valuable electronics in the car. Well you can’t just easily take off the evidence of your electronics when you have a semi-permanent sticker in plain sight on the windshield or dashboard.

Bad: The camera has no battery. This thing always has to be plugged into power for it to work. I mean really a camera without a battery??? Let’s just say you have a car accident and the car loses power you can’t even use the camera to record the damage to the vehicle. Let’s say you get pulled over by the police and you want to record the incident well as soon as you turn the car off you camera turns off too. This is also very annoying because in the marketing for this camera they make it seem like its this fun camera to take anywhere but it doesn’t even have a battery and to take it with you anywhere outside of the car you will need a separate power source. I don’t know about you but who wants to carry a camera and power bank just to make the camera work.
Bad: There is no LCD on the T1 Dashcm. Why the heck not??? So when you are setting up the camera you have to use their app in order to ensure that you have the camera positioned properly and the image is framed up the way you want it. Well what if you forgot your phone? what if your phone’s battery is dead? what if you have a company phone and can’t install unapproved apps? what if you just don’t want to download and install another app to your device? Well then you are out of luck because the GoLuk T1 does not have an LCD screen.

Bottomline: The GoLuk T1 Dashcam is something I am going to stay away from. At the time of this review the price was $120 and for that price and less there are many other options out there for dashcams. There are some good points to the camera but nothing that makes it a standout device and the shortcoming are real deal breakers for me.

The sample for this review was provided by Goluk. Please visit for more info and to order products.

Turn Your Car Into A Smartcar: The Nulaxy KM19 FM Transmitter Review

Monday, September 12th, 2016

The Nulaxy KM19 Bluetooth FM Transmitter allows you to turn even the oldest most analog car into a Smartcar. Maybe you didn’t have the option to get a handfree system when you bought your car or you rent a lot and don’t like syncing your phone up to rental cars well the KM19 is your perfect companion.
Good: It works over Bluetooth so unlike the FM Transmitters of old you don’t have to attach your phone with a cable for it to work.
Good: The KM19 has two USB ports on the side of it so you can both charge a device and plug in a flash drive for playing media. You can load up a thumb drive full of music plug it in and play it through your car’s stereo system.
Good: It has a MicroSD slot so you can also load a memory card with songs and have them ready to play in the car.
Good: The KM19 has an Aux port so if for some reason you can’t get an empty FM channel you can plug in through the Aux port and connect that way.
Good: You can control the volume right from the device.
Good: The Nulaxy FM Transmitter supports handsfree calling so once connected you can answers or reject calls with the push of a button.
Bad: The one thing I didn’t really like about the KM19 is that there is no internal battery so you can’t use this at home with your home stereo system.

Sample provided by Brand Reviews

Bikini Contest And Glide Gear Leios 3 Axis Gimbal Review

Monday, August 29th, 2016

To see just the bikini contest click here:

Good: The Glide Gear Leios works incredibly well. The footage is buttery smooth. Compared to what the footage looks like without the gimbal is just night and day.
Good: Setup is super easy and you basically need no technical know-how. Anyone can have this working in less than two minutes. It Really is that simple.
Good: The Leios works with phones of various sizes. I have a Nexus 6P which has a 5.7 inch screen and the Leios handles it like a dream. For larger phones you will need to use the included counter balance weight.
Good: You can use the joy stick buttons on the handle to pan side to side or tilt up and down to stay on your subject.
Bad: The gimbal doesn’t come with a case. It has foam cutouts in the box but it doesn’t have a case you can put it in so you can safely throw it in your backpack.
Bad: This is not really a bad thing as it is something I wish was included. I wish on the bottom of the handle there was tripod mount so you could put it on a tripod and then use the joystick buttons to move the camera. Instead the bottom of the handle is where the power button is located.
If you are a cellphone filmmaker forget all of the other stabilizers and get the Leios. It might be a little more expensive than the non-electronic stabilizers but it’s simply worth it. The speed, efficiency and ease-of-use is far and above that of a traditional handheld stabilizers.

The sample for this review was provided by Glide Gear. Please visit for more info and to order.

Today We See The Enola Gay: The Plane That Dropped An Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima During WWII

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Today at the Air and Space Museum we see the Enola Gay the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan during WWII.

PAPAGO 535 Dash Cam Review

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Good: it’s very small much small than I expected.
Good: Really good LCD screen that’s easy to see even in the daylight.
Good Excellent exposure, the camera handle even the most challenging lighting conditions and seems to alway smoothly handle dark and bright scenes.
Good: Lots of features like the stop go indicator, auto save on crash feature, the emergency save feature, and automatic recording feature.
Good: Really wide angle lens so you can record everything in front of you 160 degree field of view.
Good: Selection of different resolutions and frame rates.
Good: Runs on both AC and battery
Bad: battery life is atrocious. If you forget the charging cable expect that you will only get maybe 30 minutes of record time when starting with a fully charged battery.
Bad: I can’t seem to figure out how to get the PAPAGO 535 watermark off of the video. It was easy enough to turn off the time overlay but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the branding watermark.
Bad: No iPhone app, they have an Android app that allows you to transfer footage from the device to your phone but no iOS version of that app. However if you have a SD card reader for iPhones you can just pop the memory card in there and transfer the footage that way.
Summary: This is a really cool dash cam with surprisingly good image quality and remarkably easy setup. The features like the stop sign warning and the stop and go feature both work exceptionally well. You can literally put a memory card in the camera attach it to the windshield or dashboard and when you plug it in it starts recording without you having to do anything more. If you are looking for a dashcam and don’t mind not having GPS Papago Gosafe 535 is a worth your consideration.
The sample for this review was provided by Papago. Please visit their site for more info and to order.

Sexy Track Girls of the Maryland International Speedway

Monday, November 9th, 2015

While waiting to a bikini contest to get started two track girls get the crowd warmed showing off their sexy bodies and giving out free swag.

DC Nationals Bikini Contest

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Nopi DC Nationals Bikini Contest at the Maryland International Raceway.