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Today I Have A Question. Do Educated Black People Hate Each Other???

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Today I would like to get viewer feedback. Do Black people hate each other? When I look around and see fairly well to do and educated Black people they always seem to be with white spouses, white boyfriends and girlfriends. If you see what appears to be a professional looking brother or sister on the street they either tuck their chin in their chest and look down to avoid eye contact with other black people or if they are with white people then they look embarrassed about the presence of other Black people. Why is it that the more money Black people make and the more education we acquire the further removed we are from each other?

Don’t forget you can download this episode to your Blackberry directly from your handset. It works best if you are on a 3G network but even if you are not you can still download the video it will just take a little longer. *** I thought I worked out all the bugs but I guess not so you may be able to get the video on your handset and you may not.

Today I Bought A Blackberry Pearl Off Of Craigslist (Blackberry 8100)

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Today I bought a Blackberry Pearl 8100 from Craigslist. I used to carry two phones one from T-Mobile for voice and one from Verizon for data. Well I was tired of carrying two phones so decided to get rid of the Verizon phone since it would have been more expensive to have voice and data with Verizon. Anyway I bought the Blackberry and added the Blackberry service through T-Mobile and so for the foreseeable future I am going to put Blackberry formatted videos online. Therefore if you have a late model Blackberry that will play video then you can download future episodes to your handset and watch them. I am not sure if they will stream but you should be able to download them and watch.

I Finally got the video to work so it downloads directly from the browser but I am working on the file sizes because right now it take a long time because the files sizes are like 3.mb and I am hoping to get them down to about 1-1.5mb. If you have a Blackberry try it out download the video see if you get it faster and how it looks to you.