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They Have Turned Barak Obama Into A Nigga

Friday, March 21st, 2008

They have done it. The Clintons and the media have turned Barak Obama into a nigga. They have worked hard to bring race to the forefront of the minds of Americans and now after the most enlightened speech about race relations in America the racial political attacks continued and they are succeeding at turning the only candidate for all of Americans into a nigga. The Clintons are fighting dirty trying to win the votes of working class white males in PA. At this point the Clintons are willing to rip apart the Democratic party not for the White but just for the nomination.

Today We Speak To A Long-Time Anti Nuclear Weapons Protestor Who Is Camped In Front Of The Whitehouse

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Today we speak to a cookey old lady named Conchita who has been protesting war and nuclear weapons in front of the Whitehouse since 1981. She is working towards an admirable cause but she is a little whacky as you see. Check her out on the web at

Today We Ask Do You Think There Will Be A Terrorist Attack Before The ’08 Presidential Elections In The United States

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Today we ask do you think that the Bush administration and the powers at be will either orchestrate or allow for a terrorist attack to occur on U.S. soil or allow for the violence in Iraq to escalate so that the Republicans can push Senator John McCain as the only viable choice as a legitimate commander and chief? I want your feedback let me know what you think. Leave a comment send me an email.

Today We Talk About Senator Barack Obama’s Victory In Texas

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

The media is trying to convince the voting public that Hilary Clinton won the Texas primary. Senator Barack Obama actually was victorious in Texas. In the individual voting Hilary received a few more votes however the vote differential was so narrow that according to both candidates received 81 delegates. Texas also has a caucus process that awards 1/3 of the state’s delegates and in that process Obama in ahead of Hilary by 12% at the time of this posting. With Obama ahead in the caucuses and tied with the delegates allocated from the individual voting he is actually winning overall in Texas. The Texas caucuses delegates are not yet finished being distributed however Obama is expected to maintain a healthy lead. Senator Obama is still in the lead by over 100 delegates and at worse case scenario for Obama Senator Clinton had a net gain of eight delegates. Please riddle me this how does the media figure that an eight delegate gain is a sweeping win? The current delegate count is Senator Barack Obama 1,573 and Hilary Clinton 1,464.