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Stayblcam Video Stabilizer Review and Test

Friday, July 29th, 2016

The Stayblecam is very different looking than other stabilizers but don’t let it’s looks throw you off it is very easy to use. When I first took the Stayblcam out of the box and set it up I had it balanced and ready to use in less than a minute. Needless to say there is a fair amount to like about the Stayblcam but its not all good either.
Good: Its easy to balance and it works. When it comes to stabilizers there are two things that matter most, does it work and is it easy to setup and balance. The Stayblcam succeeds at both.
Good: The Stayblcam is self-contained. You don’t have a bunch of counterweights or extensions or heads to attach everything you need is already part of the device. This makes it very easy to travel with, you don’t have to worry about bringing extra parts or heavy weights along and you don’t have to worry about losing parts or leaving attachments behind.
Good: Its very portable and can easily and comfortably fit it in your back pocket so if you are walking around you can carry it with you or if you have a backpack it fits perfectly in the side pooch.
Good: Its inexpensive, relative to other stabilizers this is an effective stabilizer that can be had for less and $100. As of the this writing the price was $74.95. As of this writing you can use code SAVE10NOW to save $10 on the Stayblcam. If you want professional looking footage from your cellphone or GoPro at a low price then Stayblcam gives that to you.
Good: It comes with a tripod mount on the bottom of the device so you mount it to a tripod or mount accessories to it if need be.
There are only one bad thing I can really say about the Stayblcam.
Bad: There are no markings on the Stayblcam so even if you are using the exact same device you can’t quickly repeat previous balances or even have a close starting point. You have to do a rebalance every time.
Summary: The Stayblcam is a really interesting, small, convenient handheld stabilizer. The design really shows great out of the box thinking. While I was shooting this review I had no less than a half dozen people come up to me and ask “What is that.” The Stayblcam I found balances quickly and works well enough that I prefer the footage using Stayblcam versus not using it. Like with all stabilizers it takes practice to get really great footage and the same is true with the Stayblcam.
There are far more good things than bad things to say about the Stayblcam and if you use your cellphone or GoPro to film video you will find this stabilizer to be a great addition to your kit.

The sample for this review was provided by Stayblcam. Please visit for more info and to order.

Best Headphones For Photographers Earin Wireless Earbuds Review

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Good: The packaging was very minimalist and looked as it was made out of recycled materials. It also looks like a modern art piece.
Good: They are wire-free not just wireless but true wire-free earbuds.
Good: Small, light and comfortable. When you put these in your ears after a few minutes you forget that they are even there.
Good: They stay put. I was worried being that they are wire-free that they would pop out of my ears and I would lose them but they stay firmly in your ears. I tried shaking them out of my ears and they didn’t even move. I was impressed by this because I have difficulty with earbuds staying in my ears.
Good: The storage case. The storage case is also a charging case. I was worried that I was going to lose or damage the Earin earbuds when they weren’t in use but with the case you always have a safe place to store them and as soon as you put the earbuds in the case they automatically start charging.
Good: Sometimes I have a tendency jam earbuds too deep into my ears and they start to hurt well you can’t do that with the Earin earbuds because if you push them in too deep the sound will stop coming through. I don’t know if that is an intended failsafe or not but that is how it works for me.
Good: There is a free app available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. The app lets adjust the balance of the earbuds so one bud is louder or quieter than the other and you can see the battery level of your buds.
Good: Finally as with all earbuds and headphones sound is king and the Earin earbuds sound really good. They have a rich, full, sound with a good amount of bass. I like Hip Hop and rock these earbuds really thump.
There is a lot to like about the Earin earbuds but there were a few things that left me wanting and that brings us to the bad or in this case not the bad just the not so good.
Bad: There are no player controls on the earbuds so you have to use the device you are paired with to adjust the volume and change the track. This is not a big deal for me because I pretty much always have my phone in my hand but if you are out for a run and you use an armband to hold your phone or you keep you phone in your pocket or backpack then you are going to have to pull it out whenever you want to turn the sound up or down or pause the music. To be fair this is not an oversight of the designers the earbuds were designed to be simple and uncluttered.
Bad: There is no mic or talk feature so if you are using an iPhone or Android phone you can’t make or receive calls with these earbuds. You also can’t use your phone’s personal assistants like Siri or OK Google because of the lack of microphone.
Bad: The charging case is the only way to turn the earbuds off. Once you remove the earbuds from the case they are powered on and once you place them back in the case they are turned off. This means you have to carry the case everywhere you go if you want to turn them off mid day. I would like to see a power on off option on the earbuds or at the very least a way of turning the earbuds off via the free app.
Conclusion: I really like Earin wire-free earbuds. They are small, light and comfortable and most importantly they sound good. They stay in your ears remarkably well even exercising. Now these might not be for everyone but I think photographers will really like these. As a photographer I have had all kinds of trouble with headphones and wireless earbud cables getting tangled in my camera straps and getting pulled out of my ears and I have to stop what I am doing to untangle the cords. With the Earin wireless earbuds there are no cords, cables, or wires to get tangled but you get the full rich sound as if there were.
The sample for this review was provided by Earin. Please visit for more info and to order.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Game Console With The GameVice iPhone Game Controller Review

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Good: This makes iPhone gaming way more like a console experience. Its like having a dedicated handheld gaming device.
Good: Setup is very simple. You simply connect you phone to the Lightening connection side first and then align the other side and you are ready to go.
Good: The game controller has a Micro USB charging port which works to charge the controller and the phone at the same time. This works great because gaming really drains your phone’s battery so this way you plug in and continue to play.
Good: The Controller has a headphone jack so you can listen and get a fully immersive experience as well as not disturb other people when you are gaming.
Bad: It doesn’t work with all games. Gamevice list hundreds of games that work with the controller but even with hundreds of games it feels like a limited selection compared to what is otherwise available in the AppStore. You will definitely find some fun games to play but you may not find your favorite.
Bad: While playing my phone got really hot. I have never noticed my phone getting hot before while gaming but I noticed it while using the Gamevice controller. I was not scolding hot like it was burning me but enough heat for me to take notice. I will say it felt like it heated up to a certain temp. and then stopped and didn’t get any hotter.
Bad: Finally this last thing is not a problem with the controller itself but more of what I consider an oversight from the company and that is they didn’t include a carrying case or bag to put the device in. The controller folds up and the two ends of the controller connect via magnets. This makes the controller nice and compact but it also leaves the lightening connector and the data ribbon exposed without any real protection. If you just set the controller on a table or desk then its not a problem but if you throw it in a backpack or suitcase I’m afraid without some sort of protection it will eventually get banged around and damaged.
Finally, who is the Gamevice iPhone Controller for? I would say its perfect for all of you serious iPhone gamers that want a richer gaming experience. This controller legitimately turns your iPhone into a high-end handheld gaming device. I would also say the Gamevice controller is perfect for photographers and other business travelers. If you fly a lot and have cleared out your Netflix queue, and watched all of the inflight entertainment movies and you need something to make the time fly by (pun intended) while in the air then there is nothing like losing yourself in a video game for a few hours. Photographers for example often travel frequently and because we are already traveling with a bunch of camera equipment we don’t want to carry along a dedicated handheld gaming system with its games and charger so Gamevice allows us to make the gaming device we are already carrying (the iPhone) even better.

The sample for this review was provided by GameVice. Please visit for more info and to order.

Deep Bass Wireless Earphones Under $25 The MPOW Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

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Good: The MPOW Cheetahs Sound good. Thats what we all want to know when we are looking for headphones if they sound good and these headphones do.
Good: The price, at $21 these headphones are punching way above their weight class. I have headphones/earbuds that cost 10x as much as sound the same.
Good: The MPOW Cheetahs are really comfortable. When I first opened the box and looked at them they looked different than what I was used to but once I put them on man are they comfortable. They sit firmly on my head and the earbud parts stay in my ears.
Good: These get loud with a good amount of bass so you can listen to music like Hip Hop and other bass heavy genres and appreciate the music.
Good: The Cheetahs are light so even if you are using them for extended periods of time you will most likely forget they are even on your ears.
Good: There are controls on the headphones so you can answer calls, adjust the volume and even advance or rewind the tracks you are listening to.
Good: these are great for photographers because of the way the cable wraps around your head and sits firm so you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled in your camera strap.
Good: The headphones come with a USB charging cord and different size earbud tips so you can have a comfortable fit.
Good: The battery life so far is really good. I have only needed to charge them once and depending on how much you use them I suspect you can get 5-6 days of use out of them if you are using them for say working out an hour a day.
Bad: The only bad thing I can really say about the MPOW Cheetah 4.1 Bluetooth headphones is that they don’t come with any sort of case or pooch and I like to keep a pair of headphones with me in my backpack at all times but I worry these will get damaged or scratched up being bounced around in my backpack with no protection.
Conclusion: I was really impressed with MPOW Cheetah 4.1 Bluetooth headphones. They sound way better than I expected. I was prepared for hollow tinny sounding music with little to no bass and instead I got a full rich sound with a good amount of bass especially for their price. I would say if you are looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones you can workout in without worrying if they will fall out of your ears and you want big sound with deep bass then check out the MPOW Cheetah 4.1 Bluetooth headphones I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The sample for this review was provided by MPOW. Please visit for more info and to order.

World’s Fastest Router Under $100 The Tenda AC1900 Router Review Setup & Speed Test

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Fast routers are expensive and if you want one of the really fast AC1900 routers you can easily pay several hundred dollars but the Tenda AC1900 Dualband Gigabit router is only $69.99

Good: This router is fast. Its fast at any price but at the low price of $69.99 makes it’s speed that much sweeter. As an example of how fast it is I more that doubled my internet speeds on both the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands.

Good: The setup process is quick and easy. The setup process was so simple in fact I didn’t even think I was done. I thought either I had more to do or had missed a step but no the setup was just really that simple.

Good: Tenda has a great app for the mobile phone that lets you manage the setting of the router from your phone including allowing guest access, monitoring connected devices, blocking access of connected devices and maintaining parental controls.

Good: Includes a USB 3 port that can be used to plug in a hard drive and used for various purposes.

Good: A great adjustable antenna array that provides a strong signal throughout multiple rooms.

Good: It looks nice. Looks are not really all that important to many people when it comes to a router and its not even a consideration for me when I am buying one but for some people who have put a lot of effort into their decor the last thing they want is some hideous utilitarian looking box planted in their living room.

Bad: The router only has three usable ethernet ports. There are actually four ports but because one port on all routers this one included are always used to get the internet so that only leaves three usable ports.

Bad: Tenda is pretty much an unknown company to many and some of the big box stores like Best Buy may not carry their routers. I bought mine at my local Micro Center so you can get them in stores.

Conclusion: This is a great router and for the price there is no reason not to try the AC1900 first. If you are looking for the best router for Kodi or if you are a photographer/filmmaker and need fast stable upload speeds then give this router a try. If you are planning on using this as a home router this is a great solution for your home networking needs. If you are a networking professional and need more robust features then you might want to look for a different router but for 99% of us the Tenda AC1900 is everything we need and more.

Glide Gear Cellfie Review A Cellphone and GoPro Stabilizer

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Good: It works like they say does. There is an art to using handheld stabilizers so don’t expect that your first flight will be perfect but if you compare it to your other footage you will be impressed with yourself.

Good: Price if you are looking for a cellphone/GoPro stabilizer and don’t have the money to spend on a fancy electronic three axis gimbal then this is a great solution.

Good: Its very easy to setup. I have had this thing sitting in the box for about 10 days because I was intimidated by the balancing part. Well Glide Gear posted a great and short video on YouTube about how to balance it and after I watched the video and worked up the nerve to give the balancing a try I felt silly for waiting so long in setting up the Cellfie. It took me less than 15 minutes to balance for the first time (11 mins and 25 seconds). The markings on the balancing post and the provided guide really help speed up the setup process.

Good: Its light. I have played with a few other stabilizers and gimbals and with the others I my arms got tired really quickly but with the Cellfie because it’s so light and the cameras used being a cellphone or a GoPro, both very light cameras, you can use this thing all day with little to no fatigue.

Good: It is really well made with mostly metal construction and a very comfortable cushioned handle.

Good: Comes with a really sturdy zip up bag that holds and protects the Cellfie when not in use. It even has a bag within the bag for the cellphone holder and the ballhead. This was a nice touch because accessories and parts like those are easy to lose and if you lose either the ballhead or the cellphone mount then Cellfie is useless.

Bad: It uses a ballhead to fine tune the balancing. This is a problem because there are no markings so you can quickly replicate the balancing you have used before. Glide Gear put in so much effort to make sure that the main post of the stabilizer had markings on it so once you figured out what mark you needed for your particular camera you can easily repeat it but then just left us hanging with the ballhead.

The only other problem I found with using Glide Gear Cellfie is not really a problem with the device at all but a problem with using it with the iPhone 6+ and I imagine other large phones. The iPhone 6+ is big and it catches the wind really easily and blows the Cellfie in whatever direction the wind is blowing. However, If you are using the Cellfie indoors or in an environment without wind I don’t think you will have this problem.

Summary: If you are looking to stabilize your cellphone/GoPro videos and don’t have or don’t want to spend the money on a three axis gimbal then the Glide Gear Cellfie cellphone stabilizer could be just what you are looking. At $79 its fairly priced and it does exactly what it says it does stabilize your video.

Finally, Handheld stabilizers take practice to use really well and the more you use the Cellfie the better your footage will look so keep that in mind when you first start using it.

The sample for this review was provided by Glide Gear. Please visit their site for more info and to order.

PAPAGO 535 Dash Cam Review

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Good: it’s very small much small than I expected.
Good: Really good LCD screen that’s easy to see even in the daylight.
Good Excellent exposure, the camera handle even the most challenging lighting conditions and seems to alway smoothly handle dark and bright scenes.
Good: Lots of features like the stop go indicator, auto save on crash feature, the emergency save feature, and automatic recording feature.
Good: Really wide angle lens so you can record everything in front of you 160 degree field of view.
Good: Selection of different resolutions and frame rates.
Good: Runs on both AC and battery
Bad: battery life is atrocious. If you forget the charging cable expect that you will only get maybe 30 minutes of record time when starting with a fully charged battery.
Bad: I can’t seem to figure out how to get the PAPAGO 535 watermark off of the video. It was easy enough to turn off the time overlay but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the branding watermark.
Bad: No iPhone app, they have an Android app that allows you to transfer footage from the device to your phone but no iOS version of that app. However if you have a SD card reader for iPhones you can just pop the memory card in there and transfer the footage that way.
Summary: This is a really cool dash cam with surprisingly good image quality and remarkably easy setup. The features like the stop sign warning and the stop and go feature both work exceptionally well. You can literally put a memory card in the camera attach it to the windshield or dashboard and when you plug it in it starts recording without you having to do anything more. If you are looking for a dashcam and don’t mind not having GPS Papago Gosafe 535 is a worth your consideration.
The sample for this review was provided by Papago. Please visit their site for more info and to order.