Put A Big Screen On Your Face dlodlo Glass H1 Virtual Reality Glasses Review

Good: These VR goggles have nice solid construction and feel like a premium product with nice pads around the eyes and head straps.
Good: This headset is focusable. So you can adjust the them for your particular vision.
Good: The headset works with large phones. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and Nexus 6P which have 5.5 and 5.7 inch screens and I was able to fit both of them in the device without having to take either phone out of their cases.
Bad: The connected part of headset that would allow me to control functions like the volume, proximity sensor and back button only works if you have a high end Android phone with a Micro USB connection.
Bad: The price, because these only work with high end phones that have a Micro USB connection a whole lot of smartphone users will only be able to use these as basic VR goggles and there is no need to pay this price for connectivity you can’t use.
All in all these are really fun to use and very comfortable with all of the padding. You can easily load a 3D movie on your phone and use these for several hours without any discomfort. I would like to see an iPhone compatible version or at least adaptors included for both lightening USB C connections. So if you have a high end Android phone with a Micro USB connection you will love the dlodlo Glass H1 Virtual Reality Goggles if you have an iPhone or an Android phone with a USB C or other connection you can still enjoy the experience just not fully.
To Learn More Or Purchase: http://amzn.to/2lu3H4N
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