Add An Additional 64 Gigs To Your iPhone or iPad With The Zero Lemon iMemStick 3.0

Good: The iMemStick 3.0 is very easy to use. Just plug it in and it prompts you to download the free associated app and then you can start using the device.
Good: Out of the box its set up with folders to for photos, music, and videos but you can add other folders for whatever you want. I created a folder for documents to transfer word docs, PDFs and other items.
Good: You can transfer all kinds of documents to and from your phone to the iMemStick 3.0. You can select which app you want to send the doc to and copy that directly into that app.
Good: Video, the iMemStick allows your play video directly from the device even formats that don’t natively play on iOS like MKVs. This is great because if you are taking a trip and want to load up the iMemstick with movies and TV shows you can then watch them right from the device without ever having to transfer them to your iPhone or convert them to iPhone friendly formats.
Bad: Video, unlike documents you cannot choose which app to copy your videos into. So, if you have a preferred video player like VLC or Infuse you can get your videos out of those apps on to the iMemstick but you can get your videos into those apps.
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