LiteXin TW-08 Truly Wireless Earphones

Good: The TW-08 come with a nice charging case that makes charging and keeping the earphones clean and together easy to do.
Good: They sound pretty good. As with all earphones sound is king and these sound pretty good. There is a fair about of bass. They don’t bump like a pair of over the ear headphones but they get the job done.
Good: I like that you can pair them together or individually so if you want to use these as stereo earphones you can or if you want to use one of these as a handsfree ear piece you can do that too.
Bad: They don’t get loud enough. When I want to rock out or get pumped at the gym I want volume. I want to drowned out the world around me and focus on the music but these don’t get loud enough for that. I will say this in their defense they don’t distort. Because TW-08 earphones don’t get that loud they don’t distort. Don’t get me wrong they are not quiet earphones I just want them louder.
Bad: They don’t come with foam ear tips. I personally think all wire-free earphones should have form earbuds included. Because these don’t have a wire to keep them from falling to the ground if they slip out of your ears you need really secure earbuds. For me the silicone earbuds slip out of my ears when I exercise and get sweaty.
Bad: Finally, the LiveXin TW-08 have really poor latency. When trying to watch videos using these earphones the audio and video are never in sync. Its like watching a 1970’s foreign film with a really bad dub and the actor’s mouths are moving but the audio is about a half a second too late. For me this is really a deal breaker because when I am on the treadmill I want to be able to watch Netflix and the audio video sync issues really destroys that experience for me.
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