The New Worst Android TV Box Ever Z28 Android TV Box

***Warning this box died on me after only a day of use. Buyer beware.***
Good it runs on Android 7.11 so it has a recent version of Android
Good: The Z28 is a 4K TV box and it will play 4K video at least from a local source like a thumb drive.
Bad: Its doesn’t have dual band WIFI and so none of my 5 GHz networks will show up I have to either use a 2.4 GHz network or plug into the ethernet port.
Bad: It does not come with Kodi installed. It instead has a old v16 Jarvis fork of Kodi called RKMC. I understand some online retailers are cracking down on Kodi boxes and so shipping with a fork instead of actual Kodi is one way around it but come on can we at least get a fork with the current version of Kodi.
Bad: The home menu where you can add shortcuts to installed apps won’t allow you to add downloaded apps to the shortcut section. You can only add the preinstalled apps to the shortcuts section and if there is a way to do it its not clear enough how.
Bad: The box is not even setup out of the box to allow apps from unknown sources. Now granted this is a very easy fix but many people don’t know how to do it and I still get messages all the time asking how to adjust this setting. The manufacturers know why people are buying these boxes if you can’t load them up with apps at least make as easy as possible to install the apps.
Bad: The YouTube app on the box will only let me watch at a maximum of 720p even on videos that I uploaded in 4K and know are available in 4K
All in all the Z28 a terrible box but once you get it setup its works pretty good but for me the lack for dual band WIFI is a deal breaker for me. I live a building that is very saturated with 2.4 GHz networks and so 5 GHz networks are what keep me up and running smoothly. The YouTube issues is annoying but not that big of an issue. It is nice to see Android 7 Nougat starting to show up on Android boxes and I am looking forward to seeing newer and better Nougat boxes in the future. I say this is a hard pass for me on this box because after a day of usage the box died and wouldn’t power back on.

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