Here Are A Few Things To Share With My Boys. Enjoy

Hey Sterling, Charles, and Mike here are a couple of things for you guys to download and checkout. I would give them to you in person except you guys live 2500 miles away. IF YOU ARE NOT STERLING, CHARLES, OR MIKE OR HAVE SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM ME THEN GET THE HELL OFF THIS PAGE!!!!

Hey Mike and Sterl here is Madagascar 2 as requested.

Right Click Here And “Save Target As”

You Guys Don’t Know Anything About Roosevelt Franklin From Sesame Street

Right Click Here And “Save Target As” To Download
Here is the album I have been waiting for Erykah Badu’s new album “New Amerykah” Enjoy.

Right Click Here and “Save Target As” To Download

Ok here is Janet Jackson’s new album “Discipline” Enjoy. Oh yeah you save the same way as anything else.

Download The Zip File Here

You guys here is Mary J. Blige’s New album “This is Why I’m Queen.” Enjoy and just right click the download link below the photo and “save target as.”

Right Click Here and “Save Target As”

Hey you guys here is a copy of this month’s Playboy Magazine. Just right click it on the picture and then “save target as” to download it.

This is Barak Obama’s first book “Dreams of My Father” You have to download this one and listen it is good.

This is Barak Obama’s second book his most recent book “The Audacity of Hope”

Here is a book that Mike and Charles will probably really like it is called “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

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