Today We Check Out The Cherry Blossom Festival 2011 Shot On A Panasonic GH2 With A 14-42 Kit

I recently bought a Panasonic GH2 primarily to shoot video and this is my first test using my new camera. I mostly used auto settings and the camera performed nicely. The only issue I had was trying to get the focus to perform the way I wanted it to. I have gotten used to shooting in manual focus on the 5D Mark II with a Zacuto Z-Finder so shooting through the tiny little viewfinder or looking at the LCD screen to try and achieve focus on the GH2 was challenging. All and all I like the camera. The quality is pretty amazing and the size is almost laughable it is so small. I only used the standard 14-42 kit lens and audio was straight from the camera except for the Narration which was recorded with a Zoom H4N.

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