Kodi Apple TV 7 Day problem Solution (Sort of) Kodi Alternative For The Apple TV

October 11th, 2016

If you are tired of reinstalling Kodi on your Apple TV every seven days and want a solution I have one sort of but not really. What I have is a Kodi alternative that will last forever without having to reinstall. The alternative is called Stremio and its a solid and developing source for movies and TV shows. I will show you how it works and how to install it. Below is a link to the app.

Go Take A Hike With The Sahara Sailor Trekking Pole: Review

October 10th, 2016

Good: The pole folds up and has its own carrying case.

Good: The pole has a wrist strap that makes easy to carry without fear of losing the poles.

Good: The poles have adjustable height so everyone can make this pole comfortable and work for them.

Bad: The locking lever feels really cheap and I think it’s only a matter of time before it breaks.

Bad: I’ve never owned trekking poles before and I thought putting them together would be easier but it was not as intuitive as I thought and I actually had to look at the instructions.

The Sahara sailor trekking Pole is lightweight and compact when folded. It’s very easy to put this in your backpack and carry with you in case you decide you want to go for a hike. It’s more lighter and more convenient then a traditional hiking stick.

How To Get Free TV and Movies From Your Android Device To Your Apple TV

October 7th, 2016

If you have and Apple TV and an Android device like a Samsung phone or a tablet then you are in luck because I am going to show you how to get all of the TV shows and movies that you want onto your Apple TV absolutely free. This video was made after a viewer made me aware of the need for this info. In this video I am going to use the app Terrarium TV, Mobdro, and UKTVNOW and below you will find links to all three.
Terrarium TV: http://adf.ly/1ecm5H
Mobro: http://adf.ly/1ecmBj
UKTVNOW: http://adf.ly/1ecmFC

The Best Product Ever Made IMO: The Hydro Flask 64oz Beer Growler

October 7th, 2016

Good: The Hydro Flask 64oz beer growler is double insulated so it keeps your beer cold for long periods of time without the need for ice or refrigeration.

Good: The Hydro Flask Beer Growler has a large mouth opening so its easy to fill the growler and easy to pour.

Good: The Growler has a nice powder coating which allows for a nice grippy feel but more important to me is it seems to keep the growler from getting hot to the touch. This is really vital especially if you plan on taking this with on a hike or out to a picnic.

Let’s talk about what the Hydro Flask Beer Growler does well and thats keep your beer cold for extended periods of time. To test this out I filled the growler with beer measured the temperature of the beer and then went for a 5.9 mile walk and again tested the temperature when I finished the walk. The growler only gained about two degrees of temperature from the walk.

Bottomline: This is an absolutely fantastic product. I have to admit before owning a Hydro Flask I would have never though I would pay $64.95 for a beer growler now I think this thing is well worth it. This is by far my favorite product I have ever reviewed and cannot recommend it strongly enough.

The sample for this review was provided by Hydro Flask. Please visit http://www.hydroflask.com for more info and to order products.

Updated How To Get Free Cable Channels On Your Computer Easily and Legally

October 6th, 2016

This is an update to my earlier video about how to get free cable channels free and legally on your computer. Some people said they were expected to pay for the service and I wanted make a more detailed video showing that you can get tons of content for free without ever paying for the premium service. This video is a little long but hopefully it will answer your questions if you had any.
Links to the services below.
http://adf.ly/1emUQl Plex
http://adf.ly/1emUWd Webtools Page
http://adf.ly/1emUYy Webtools Direct Zip File Link

The Worst Kodi Box Ever Monba W8 OTT TV Box

October 5th, 2016

This is going to be a quick review because to be honest I pretty much hated this box. Almost nothing worked as it’s supposed to.

Good: It has Four USB ports so you can hook up plenty of peripherals like flashdrives or a wireless keyboard.

Good: It’s an inexpensive Kodi box. It’s comes with Kodi pre-installed but I wouldn’t even bother with that build because almost nothing worked. I would enable Fresh Start and wipe Kodi clean and install a good custom build like Gears of War or The Beast.

Bad: Almost nothing works right. I tried downloading apps from the pre-installed Google Play Store but almost nothing installed. The only app I got to install was Filmon and even then it said Filmon would not work until I updated my Google Play Services but I was unable to download the update or any other app.

Bad: I couldn’t even sideload apps from a flashdrive. I downloaded a few APKs from my computer and loaded them on my flashdrive and tried to install them that way but it would say installing and just hang there and never finish. So I wasn’t able to download apps or sideload apps and so the box is no go for me.

Bad: The included media player has trouble playing various files. I tried to play an MKV and the video played but it had no sound.

Bad: The remote control sucks and that’s putting it mildly. This remote just made me angry it was so bad. I eventually hooked up a wireless keyboard because the included remote was increasingly useless.

Bad: Finally, this box is slow. For $30 I wasn’t expecting much in the speed department but once you heap on all of the other problems the lack of speed became a real point of contention for me. I take my reviews and my impartiality seriously and so I don’t like to unfairly give poor reviews but this thing delivers on almost nothing it promises. Bottom line if you just want a way to get Kodi on your big screen for a low price then this box will get the job done as long as you get rid of the pre-installed Kodi and install a custom build. Also for an additional $5-$10 you can buy an Amazon FireStick which will give you a far superior experience. Other than Kodi don’t bother there’s not enough to like about this streaming TV box to even spend $30 on it.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition Direct Sunlight Test

October 4th, 2016

I wanted to see how the new GoPro Hero 5 handles direct sunlight so I shot a little video to test it and thought I would share the results. I did not color correct or alter the footage in anyway this is straight out of the camera. Let me know what you think.

What Do You Think About The GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition: SunLight Behind Me Test

October 4th, 2016

I wanted to see how well the new GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition handles the exposure of having the sunlight directly behind me. I am Black so there is already the challenge exposing my skin tones correctly and then adding the sun directly behind me is an additional challenge. I didn’t do any color or exposure correction this is footage straight out of the camera.
Let me know what you guys think about the GoPro Hero 5 and the footage.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition 4K No Image Stabilization Test

October 4th, 2016

The GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition doesn’t have image stabilization when shooting 4K so I wanted to see what the footage looks like if I am just walking along shooting in 4K and no stabilization. What do you guys think about the footage and about the GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition

Banaus B4 Newest Smartwatch Review

October 3rd, 2016

The Banaus B4 Newest Smartwatch is a serious mixed bag of good, bad and completely uninspired software. Let jump right in and talk about the good and bad of the device.

Good: The Banaus B4 Smartwatch looks and feels like a high end premium Smartwatch. The watch feels solid with a metal bracelet band a bright screen and snappy interface and that is where the high end premium references end.

Good: The watch actually has a dialer so you can punch in a number and the watch will use your phone to dial and connect to that number and even uses a speaker and microphone so you can talk using just the watch

Bad: The audio quality on the watch was so bad that no one could understand a word I said and I eventually had to switch over to my phone in order to continue the conversation.

Good and Bad: It has a pedometer but unfortunately you have to start and stop it when beginning and ending activities. You don’t have all day activity tracking so if you are the type of person that is on your feet all day like a nurse or a police officer you won’t get an accurate step count unless you remember to start the app when you wake up and end it when you go to sleep.

Good and Bad: The B4 Smartwatch does have an optical heart-rate monitor on it but its not continuous and you only get your heart rate readings when you enter the heart rate app and run it. Unlike other Smartwatches you can’t automatically collect heart data throughout the day to get a better overall picture of your conditioning and health.

Good and Bad: The watch has sleep tracking but you have to manually start and stop it. So I you just fall asleep and don’t activate the app then you won’t have any data. In this day and age this should be a basic feature for devices claiming sleep tracking.

Finally, I will say I don’t understand why someone would take a nice piece of hardware like the Banaus B4 Newest Smartwatch and load it with such uninspired subpar software. If you have nice hardware why not load it with Android Wear and have a solid well developed platform on the watch? I have a hard time recommending this watch so I won’t. There are a lot if other options out there in the same price range that offer much more. As I have seen from many other companies being a budget brand does not mean you have to put out poor products which is why the Banaus B4 Newest Smartwatch frustrates me so much. This has everything it needs to be a really nice device if someone just took the time and care to add proper software.

The sample for this review was provided by Banaus. Please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KTG7VZ6 for more info and to order products.