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Today We See A Graffiti Time Lapse

August 26th, 2014
A few years ago I shot a short documentary on a couple of graffiti artist in the Washington, D.C. area and while I was shooting I set up a camera to do a time lapse. I didn't use it in the final piece and now a few years later I found the folder with all of the images files and decided to make the quick time lapse. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Today We Compare Variable ND Filters Hoya vs Tiffen

August 14th, 2014
Today we test the Hoya and Tiffen variable ND filters and see how they perform. As a hint they are both great filters and can serve you well. But, as all things some tools are better than others and that holds true here. So, you will have to watch and see which one I recommend.

A Different Kind Of Monday (A Short Film Entry for HBO’s Project Greenlight)

August 8th, 2014
When you have lost your job, hid it from your spouse, exhausted your savings and are faced with a pile of bills sometimes you have to try something different. Tucker Stone lost his job a few months ago and still hasn't told his wife. Now he has decided to make some changes and it all starts Monday. This is a short film I created as an entry for HBO's Project Greenlight. I shot it on the Panasonic GH4 in 4K with a little bit of 1080p GoPro footage in the mix. If you enjoy it please like it on YouTube and FaceBook. Please blog about it, tweet it heck scream from the rooftops about it. Oh yeah and wish me luck. For all of my fellow gear heads. Gear List: Panasonic GH4 Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 Panasonic 35-100 f/2.8 Panasonic 45-200 f4-5.6 Olympus 45mm f/1.8 Hoya Variable ND 2x 312 LED Lights Promaster T525P Carbon Fiber Tripod with a Manfrotto 701 HDV fluid head Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom Mini Tripod Transcend 64GB SDXC I Class 10 U3 Memory Card

Today We Test The Panasonic GH4 Slow Motion With The Birds And The Bees

July 26th, 2014
Slow motion in full 1080p HD has long been desired by indy filmmakers and the Panasonic GH4 has delivered. At 96fps you can get true slow motion and I set out to put this feature through its paces and the results are impressive. Technical info below GH4 camera MFT to Nikon adaptor Nikon 75-300 f/4-5.6 lens ISO 200-640 96fps conformed to 24fps in camera Shutter Speeds 1/500-1/1000th Slow Motion Setup

Kilauea Lighthouse Is Beautiful And Today I Take You There With Me

June 29th, 2014
The Kilauea lighthouse in Kauai, Hawaii is a beautiful lighthouse overlooking the pacific ocean and today we visit the lighthouse to see what its like.

Kauai Coffee Company In Hawaii Today We Take A Tour And Sample The Flavors

June 29th, 2014
Today we take a tour of the Kauai Coffee Company coffee plantation. The Kauai Coffee Company's Kauai location is the largest coffee plantation in the United States. We take a walking tour through the plantation and see the coffee beans and the manufacturing process. You can also sample plenty of coffee flavors and even eat coffee flavored foods like ice cream and brownies.

Waimea Canyon Trail In Kauai Leads To Beautiful Waterfall and Cliff Overlook

June 28th, 2014
Waimea Canyon Trail In Kauai Leads To A Beautiful Waterfall and Cliff overlook and I am going to take you with me as I hike the trail and view the canyon from the overlook and head down to the waterfall.

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum In San Diego, California

June 15th, 2014
Today we visit the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum in San Diego, Ca. The museum is free and even offers free parking. When you arrive don't be fooled by the few planes they have the parking lot because they have many many more in the back. I almost missed the main museum because they have a cool exhibit in the parking lot and I at first I thought that was it. They have jets from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War I & II all the way through to today. Its a really cool place with a friendly and informative staff so if you are in San Diego and looking for free family friendly entertainment check out the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

Booty Boobs and Long Legs The International Bikini Team Brings It All

June 15th, 2014
The International Bikini Team girls bring the sexy in this bikini contest at Vera's Beach Club in Maryland.

Perfect Booties + Nice Legs = A Sexy Dress Contest from the International Bikini Team

June 15th, 2014
The sexy ladies of the International Bikini Team show just how sexy they can be when they show off their sexist dress for a sexy dress contest.