EasyAcc Power Bank Review

August 26th, 2016

Good: The Power Bank’s main features is that it has an integrated lightening cable so you never have to worry about being without a way to plug in to your phone to the power bank.
Good: The Easy Acc Power Bank also has a USB port so you can charge anything that can be connected via a USB cable.
Good: Because the integrated lightning cable you can also plug in another cable to the power bank and charge two devices at once.
Good: The Power bank has four lights on the side of it so you can always know how much power you have left in your bank. Each light represents 25% of the battery’s capacity.
Good: It’s shorter that other power banks which can make it easier to slip into your pocket or purse.
Good/Bad: The Easy Acc Power Bank is twice as heavy as a typical sized power bank but on the good side even though you double your weight you triple your battery capacity since it has a large LG 6700mAh battery inside.
Bad: Now the only thing I truly had a small gripe about is that when I plugged it in to charge for the first time it seemed to take a really long time to charge. I don’t know if that’s a regular thing or if it just took a long time because it was a first charge.
All in all the Easy Acc Power Bank works great and is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. I think this is good device for travelers and other people that might not have regular access to power outlets.

How To Install Kodi On Your Android Phone Or Tablet: Free Cable TV and Movies

August 25th, 2016

I will show you step by step how to get free cable TV, movies, PPV, kids shows, live TV and more all on your Android phone or tablet absolutely free using Kodi.

A Great Inexpensive Kodi Box: Monba Mini MX Player Review

August 24th, 2016

The Monba Mini MX TV Box is a mixed bag of good and bad and so I am going to talk about the good and the bad together and you can decide how good the good is and how bad the bad is.
Good: The box is easy to setup and comes with a remote and a HDMI cable which is a nice touch considering the low cost of the device. I bought an Apple TV for more than three time the amount and it didn’t come with a HDMI cable included.
Bad: Even though the box comes with a remote the remote is useless in a lot of ways. To really get the most out of this streaming box you need a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard mouse combo because you can’t navigate in some of the apps without a mouse.
Good: The Mini MX TV Box come with Kodi media center pre-install with plenty of addons already installed so if you just want Kodi you can hook up this box and have Kodi ready to use. Many of the best addons for TV shows and movies are included as well as adult addons but for the adult addons you need to enable them since they are disabled by default.
Bad: The Kodi installation that comes with the box is TVAddons and that build pretty much sucks now. Its old and outdated and there are so many other builds that offer a better Kodi experience like The Beast build or Gears of War build.
Good and Bad: The box runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop but I’m not sure if its Android TV but they say its Android TV so I’ll take their word for it. Its definitely Android which is a good thing. Because it does run on Android you can side-load apps that are not otherwise available for the device in the Google PlayStore. When I try to install apps that are certified to work on Android TV I get a message saying the app is not compatible with this device.
Bad: There are not many apps available for the box in the Google PlayStore and so you have to side-load apps to get even the most basic apps like Hulu and PBS.
Good: The Monba Mini MX TV Box has two usb ports so you can use both a thumb drive and a wireless mouse/keyboard at the same time and you’re going to need to use both at the same time to side load apps. You can also use the thumb drive to play downloaded movies.
The Monba Mini MX TV Box is a mixed bag but its still a good cheap alternative to the Apple TV, Fire TV or other more expensive streaming boxes. If you are planning on using this box mainly for Kodi and watching downloaded videos then this is a great box. Priced now at $39.99 it cost less than half of a month’s cable bill for most people and with a box like this you can cut the cord and get all of your cable content through Kodi on this box.
Sample for this review provided by Monba

How To Install Kodi On You iPhone and iPad Complete With Custom Build and Addons

August 23rd, 2016

This is a special request video so I hope more than just the one person that asked for it enjoys it and finds it useful. In this video I walk you step by step through the process of installing Kodi on your iPhone or iPad. Its a simple process but you need a few things like a Mac computer, a free developers account (a paid account will work too), Xcode app (also free), Appsigner, the iOS Kodi deb file, and your iOS device. I will put links below.
1) Xcode App (You can get the app here http://adf.ly/1cbgLB)
2) iOS App Signer (You can get the app here http://adf.ly/1cbgRT)
3) iOS DEB File (You can get the app here http://adf.ly/1dMx7y)

Non Photo Tech For Photographers Episode 2 The Hydro Flask Water Bottle Review

August 22nd, 2016

There are certain things that every photographer should have as a part of their kit that are not photo related and in this episode I’m going to talk about water bottles. It may seem silly to talk about water bottles as a photographer but when you are out in the field shooting it is important to stay hydrated so that you don’t fall out in the heat or become hypothermic in the cold. When you are dehydrated your hands have a tendency to shake and I don’t think I need to explain to you how bad that is for photographers.
Good: The bottle is the perfect size to pour a standard size water bottle into it. You ask why would you want pour one water bottle into another well that brings us to the next good thing about the Hydro Flask.
Good: The Hydro Flask is double insulated which means your cold and hot drinks are going to stay cold and hot longer.
Good: This water bottle is sweat proof. For a water bottle that mean you won’t get all of that condensation all over the bottle. So you don’t have to worry about getting your hands wet while shooting.
Good: the bottle has the perfect size mouth opening so that you can pour drinks in it and fit ice cubes in there and you don’t have to worry about spilling all over yourself when drinking because the opening is too large.
Good: The Hydro Flask 18 ounce water bottle is the perfect size to fit in a side pouch of a backpack it can even fit comfortably in the side pockets of cargo pants. The cap also has a hook on it so that you can attach a carabiner to the bottle and carry it that way.
Good: Hydro Flask double insulated water bottle is the perfect capacity you can empty a standard size water bottle into it along with a drink mix and still have enough room to shake up your drink. One of the problems I had with another water bottle that I own is that I couldn’t pour a whole water bottle into it when using drink mixes because there wasn’t enough room to actually shake up the water and the mix. I don’t have that problem with the Hydro Flask. With a standard size water bottle being 16.9 ounces and the Hydro Flask being 18 ounces I have an extra ounce or so I can fit in drink mixes and ice cubes.
Good: the bottle has a powder coating to it that makes it very grippy. It’s very easy to grab and hold onto without slipping out of your hand. They also offer an insulated sports cap, when used in conjunction with the already grippy texture of the Hydro Flask it makes for excellent one-handed usage.
Good: The bottle comes with a lifetime warranty and I can’t tell you how important that is when it comes to deciding which type of product to buy. It says a lot about how much the company believes in their products.
Bad: the only bad thing that I can find about the Hydro Flask double insulated water bottle is that it is not dishwasher safe. That means whenever you use it and clean it you going to have to do so by hand. Other than that I can’t find anything else wrong with this water bottle and don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t want to buy one.

The sample for this review was provided by Hydro Flask. Please visit http://www.hydroflask.com/index.html for more info and to order.

Get Free Truly Unlimited VPN Service On Your FireTV

August 21st, 2016

This is a Step by Step video that shows you how to get 100% free and unlimited VPN service on you FireTV. Its easy and it works. I show you two options for the VPN service so you can pick the one that works the best for you.

Easiest And Fastest Way To Install Kodi On The FireTV

August 20th, 2016

If you have a FireTV and want the Fastest and Easiest way to install Kodi on your FireTv with an awesome build that will give you all of the free Live TV, Free Movies, Free TV Shows, Free Kids Programming, and PPV then this step by step tutorial will show you how to do it. It’s simple its free and you can do it.

My New Favorite Headphones Right Now: Jesbod QY13 Bluetooth Headphones Review

August 19th, 2016

The Jesbod QY13 Bluetooth Headphones right now are my favorite headphones. They sound great and they are inexpensive. (Just $25 on Amazon)

Good: They sound great, not good but great. They have a nice balanced sound and yet still have a nice amount of bass so you can really bump your music when you want to.

Good: They are easy to turn on and off. They have magnets in the earbud backs so you can stick them together and the headphones turn off and when you pull them apart the headphones turn back on.

Good: They have ear hooks to help keep the earbuds in place and secure on your ears.

Bad: The only real downside to the QY13’s is that they don’t come with a pouch. I think all headphones/earbuds should come with a pouch so that you can keep them clean when you put them in your pocket or backpack or wherever else you might store them. However, because of the magnets its very easy to snap together and let them just hang around your neck.

These headphones I would say are the best sounding headphones for under $200 but they aren’t anywhere near that price and can be had on Amazon for $25. For that price these are a no-brainer.
And here is a discount
JESBOD QY13 Magnetic Bluetooth In-ear Sport Earphones
price: $21.98
code: 9FFGCH4U

The sample for this review was provided by Jebod. Please visit http://www.jesbod.com/index.html for more info and to order.

Your Personal Secret Weapon: The Tomight Tactical Pen Review

August 17th, 2016

Good: The pen is an actual pen. Tactical pens are nothing if they don’t have an actual pen and the Tomight Tactical Pen has a great ballpoint pen included in the feature set and they even include an extra pen refill.

Good: The pen has a glass break on it so it you ever find yourself trapped in a car and can’t get out. You can use the pen to break the car window and escape.

Good: This tactical pen has a LED light. The light has a nice on and off switch and even comes with extra batteries.

Good/Bad: The pen has a hidden knife. You can unscrew the tip of the pen and underneath is a very sharp blade. This is good because if you need a knife to something or need it to use as a weapon its available to you. The downside of this that you can’t take this pen on a plane, at least not in the United States.

Sample provided by Brand Reviews

iRainy QY8 Wireless BlueTooth Headphones Review

August 15th, 2016

Good: They are loud. I can’t actually turn them all the way up or they will hurt my ears.
Good: They have nice in ear wings that hold the earbuds firmly in place so you can walk run or just shake your head and not have to worry about them falling out.
Good: They have really good sounding bass. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcast with male voice actors and the bass of the earbuds make them sound really good.
Good: The controls are on the headphones and not the cable so you have a more overall balanced feel when wearing them.
Bad: The earbuds are big. To me the look like big earrings and so they are not really my style
Bad: When you turn the volume up too high n these the mids and highs fall apart.
If you are interested in getting your own pair you can buy them on Amazon.